About Susan L. Brooks Susan is an award-winning entrepreneur, author of three books, and an international speaker.

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Susan is the leading business coach in Arizona for women business owners beyond the start-up phase who are ready to make their first or next million dollars by achieving greater profitability. She delivers real results, quickly, by increasing the capacity of her client's business and staff. She uses proven strategies that work! Susan has been 'in the trenches' so she knows first-hand what keeps you up at night. She built and sold a 30 year, award-winning, multi-million dollar company ... and she uses her first-hand experience and expertise with her clients, helping them earn more money with less stress.

As the founder of Business Solutions for Women Business Owners, Susan helps her clients navigate through rough spots or growth spurts in their business, showing them not only how to create a financially sustainable business, but also how to remain competitive in a changing market. She will assess the financial health of your business, identifying money leaks and profitable opportunities. Because payroll is usually the highest cost in most companies, Susan makes sure you have the right people in the right positions based on your current capacity. She helps you recognize what impacts your sales, whether it's defining your differentiator in a competitive market or nurturing a service-driven culture. Absolute confidentiality and accountability is what helps her clients achieve their goals ... and their dream to join the 3% of women business owners who reach $1M in annual revenue!

As a seasoned, high-performance Business Solutions coach for women business owners, Susan is also an award-winning entrepreneur, author of three books, and an international speaker. She resides in an historic downtown Phoenix neighborhood with her husband of almost five decades. She is the proud mother of two flourishing adult children and five genius grandchildren.