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Susan Brooks
Hell, yes! Let's do this.

Because only 50% of small businesses survive more than 5 years, my newest and most robust program: 4 Stabilizers for Profitable Growth is relevant to women business owners who have plateaued in sales and are ready to grow - but they are not sure how to do this. This program gives them their next steps, with a timeline.

Wherever your business is now you'll discover 4 GAPS to Growth hiding out, in plain sight, easy for you to overlook. These critical and often ignored GAPS keep you from achieving your revenue goals.

Each GAP is critical at each growth stage:
GAP #1: Identity Crisis: Brand ShineWhere you started from and where you are now requires an upgrade, a re-fresh. Is your brand tired and worn out. What do you stand for as a company? Who is your ideal client? What is your differentiator and message in the marketplace? Your message is your differentiator. GAP #2: Customer Experience is KingYes, you want to always attract new customers...but growth comes only when customers choose to come back for more! Retention is the ultimate prize: competition for the same customer is fierce. Your staff must walk your talk! Your Customer Experience delivers results. GAP #3: Work Smarter, Not Harder40% of all small business owners work over 60 hours a week! Inefficient and ineffective systems cost you time and money. You need clarity on your financial and project goals, with short and long-term timelines. Using the right tools for time management along with direction and accountability fattens up your bottom line...AND, gets you your life back! GAP #4: Technician or CEO?According to E-Myth author, Michael Gerber, the main reason businesses fail is because the owners are technicians, not business people. Wanting success is not enough. You must invest in your CEO skills. Admit you can't grow your company alone. You need objective support and expertise.

Each GAP PROGRAM offers a Stabilizing Solution with step-by-step implementation.

Women entrepreneurs hire me to get their business on the fast track to a profitable and sustainable company. I've seen these GAPS again and again with the many women business owners I've had the privilege to work with, regardless of their circumstances, product or service, company size, or current revenues.

If you see your business in any one or more of these GAPS, if your hands are sweating with this truth-telling moment... Then, what are you waiting for? I can help you!

"Before working with Susan, I was a Realtor trying to serve everyone. My revenue was stagnant. Today, I have a six-figure business selling the Urban Lifestyle to baby boomers in transition. I have my Broker's license and a committed team. Susan uplifted my confidence, courage, accountability...and revenue!"

Urban Living

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Hell, Yes! I want 1:1 Monthly Business Coaching with Susan! (3 month minimum)

  • First session begins with a one hour 1:1 Assessment to identify your immediate challenge and to be sure that we are a good fit for your growth

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions include:
    * 90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions/2 sessions per month (in person or online)
    * Weekly Progress Report
    * Unlimited email access
    * Measurable goals and results



2/hr Strategic Planning 1:1 Session

Sometimes, changing a few key things can increase your bottom-line, quickly.

Sometimes, women business owners get stuck in the weeds of their day to day operations.

Sometimes, a woman business owner finds herself in the middle of a fear-filled crisis.

Sharing your most immediate challenge with an expert (that would be me!) helps you gain the clarity and focus you need to move forward. Identifying your biggest priority, set goals with a timeline, and walk away with an Action Plan that defines the next steps that propels you forward, off-stuck... for now.

2 Hours, YES!

"My Strategy session with Susan gave me clarity and direction. She crystalized my thoughts so I was able to see what I really want to achieve in this new extension of my interior design business."

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Let's get you on task, fierce and on purpose in growing your business. Contact me today!

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